1. "M3" Mike Mitchel gets tossed over the ropes by Ben Ortiz



  3. "How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn’t pull the trigger?"
    — Woolf, Virginia. Selected Essays. (via rl-y)

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  4. Live NXT Coverage from yours truly. Only on SmarkOutMoment.com

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    My buddy Tom baked a cake for his Argentinian friend to cheer her up after the world cup loss.

    …they are no longer friends.

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    There are more of is than anyone would ever be led to believe. Free Palestine!

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    BatMetal: Heavy Metal Batman

    It had to happen eventually: Bruce Wayne teams up with Red Hood, Nightwing, and Robin to fight crime and melt faces.

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  10. If Bray loses we Wyatt.